Stroll through Chartres’ parks and gardens

Chartres City Guide

Stroll through Chartres’ parks and gardens

Chartres: a city to discover during your hotel stay

Stroll through Chartres’ parks and gardens

Romantic, classic or contemporary, Chartres’ parks and gardens located near the ACE Hotel Chartres, are an invitation to take a stroll and are what give the city its particular charm. The Jardins de l’Évêché, contiguous to the cathedral and the episcopal palace, are made up of stepped lawns, one of which is laid out as a maze. The Jardins de l’Evêché offer a stunning view across the lower districts of the medieval city. Head to the Jardin de l’Horticulture for a romantic stroll. The majestic trees vie in their beauty. Ginko Biloba, sequoia, American black walnut and columnar oak provide an ideal play area for Mandarin ducks, teals and widgeons.

Other gardens to explore during your stay in Chartres

  • The medieval garden at the Saint-André Collegiate Church for its aromatic plants grown in just the same way as they were cultivated in the Middle Ages.

  • Parc de Sakuraï for an escape into the Land of the Rising Sun

  • Parc des Bords de l’Eure to practice your football or simply enjoy a family picnic.