Chateau de Maintenon

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Chateau de Maintenon

Château de Maintenon, to visit during your stay at the hotel

Chteau de Maintenon & gardens

Eight centuries of history, doesn’t that make for a long and beautiful life for a chateau? Chateau de Maintenon, close to ACE Hotel Chartres, has seen many changes. From the Lords of Maintenon to Lady de Maintenon, the fortified defensive chateau has disappeared to give way to a lovely chateau with an aristocratic and comfortable life mostly thanks to Jean Cottereau, financier to King Louis XII. The French garden, designed by Le Nôtre in 1676 under the orders of Louis XIV, offers today’s visitors a majestic stroll. 12,000 feet of boxwoods, rose bushes, tulips, yew trees, topiaries, blue and white sage: a visit is magical and varies with each season just like a Renaissance melody.

Found at: The Château de Maintenon is less than a 25-minute drive from ACE Hotel Chartres.

Château de Maintenon
Place Aristide Briand
28130 Maintenon